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What’s happening in Gaza and Israel right now is horrifying.

The availability of water, food, fuel and medical supplies is critically low in Gaza. Save the Children calls for an immediate ceasefire. A week ago, a truck carrying 45,000 bottles of water from Save the Children arrived in Gaza. Your donation for palestine to the Children’s Emergency Fund supports these urgent humanitarian relief efforts.

The boycott movement against Israel, explained

McDonald’s and Starbucks are among the targets of the nonviolent, but controversial, global protest.

An unprecedented attack on Israel by Hamas this month and the resulting escalating siege of Gaza has thrust the movement to boycott, divest from, and sanction Israel, called BDS for short, into the spotlight again, as some wonder what they might be able to do to encourage a ceasefire and help Palestinians facing a looming ground invasion of the crowded Gaza Strip.

Just last year, a Pew survey found that some 84 percent of Americans had little to no awareness of the roughly two-decade-old campaign. Now, on social media sites such as X (formerly Twitter) and Tiktok, using the hashtag #BDSMovement, people are naming brands with ties to Israel and calling for boycotts: McDonald’s is being targeted after a location in Israel offered free food for the Israeli military, as are other global fast food chains such as Domino’s Pizza and Burger King. Some are boycotting Starbucks after the company sued its labor union this month over a union social media account posting support for Palestinians. Meanwhile, demonstrations organized by local BDS-affiliated groups are taking place around the world.

The renewed attention on BDS comes at a pivotal time for American public sentiment on Israel and Palestine. Here’s what to know about the controversial boycott.

The boycott movement against Israel, explained


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